Here there! May is an emotional month for me 🇷🇼 always since 2018

I had the amazing opportunity to join the Starbucks Origin Experience visiting Rwanda.

Day 1

Coffee Platation Visit

Warm Welcome with social dance and music

From the seed to the cup, coffee journey starts here

  • Seeds
  • Butterfly
  • Small plant
  • Nursey coffee seedling (using lemongrass)
  • Cow’s Ceremony
  • Cooperative System
  • CAFE Practices
  • Let’s go harvest a coffee tree (best cherry, perfectly red)
  • Wet mill: depulping, fermentation
  • African beds wet beans in parchment
  • 1-2 days sundried and mixed by women

Day 2

Dry Mill

  • Warehouse certified and uncertified coffee
  • Moisture until 12% (if more than 12% coffee beans come back to the coffee plantation to be dried more)
  • Colour and density check (checking defects)
  • Size classification
  • Juta bag creation and stamp on it

Genocide’s Memorial

Women’s Cooperative

Day 3

Support Center and cupping

  • Met an exporter
  • Send a cow
  • The Key